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Okay so here's the gist. I finally got off my ass and started seriously (and recreationally) try to learn how to work a DAW (FL right now, but might transition) by watching some tutorials and then trying to apply what I just learned to something (I'm a kinesthetic type learner). 

I'm going to be uploading some of what I'm learning on to here and soundcloud, though I prefer NG over SC.  I'm uploading for friends to review/advise and I need a space to have it available thats not at home.  It also helps breakup the awkward small talk at times! I welcome any constructive advice anyone would like to leave (be gentle, I'm learnifying).

 At the moment, the goal is to fill up the free account's upload space available on Soundcloud (I think i have about 110 minutes left) so that should be ample room for improvement over time if I keep at this.   I've tried to do music production many times in the past, but I often give up due to life circumstances, depression, boredom, impatience, and whatever other vice that exists in the world.  Now, I'm in a better environment to grow and concentrate so I'm taking a more prepared swing at this.

The concept I'm going with for my "learning/beginnger/tutorial album" is I'm stuck in a Tutorial Dungeon/Labyrynth and I need to earn my wings to get out of the DAWngeon.  In order to earn my wings, I gotta make some good music to escape this metaphor. We'll see if i ever get out...(will likely not keep the same alias, but we'll see.) 

Many of the things I upload will use the 'tut' moniker for this reason.  Everything uploaded before 2017 was made rather half assedly at work and I'll likely end up deleting or removing those now that I have a legit DAW to play with.  Thinking of redoing one of them in the DAW though, if I feel up for it.

I may also delete previous iterations of tuts that I dislike and reupload a better sounding one, which will have a Version # after it for keepin track.


Feel free to have a listen, will ya?  And apologies if I make your ears bleed (though send me pics cuz that sounds metal AF.)

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