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Well fucking done.

I hope Dingaling sees this soon if they haven't already, this is a great tribute. Smooth animation, great parody intro and humorous vhs effect. Even Dingaling himself admitted when they were making the game they were aiming for a 'Fist of the North Star' kinda game before it became LISA, making this anim you did more perfect. Wasn't as fond of the dialogue pace in the 2nd part, but the perfect OST usage and smooth animation for the action made up for it.

I bet you'll be hounded to make a series for it by fans of the game, get ready :D Regardless, thanks for making this!

This was definitely the right way to go with the story and end the series. However, I'd have liked to see more action for the climax. Especially with the Guy riding Mancubus, both with guns ablazing, as that was awesome and kind of adorable. Even if it was just the black and white style of the credits, I'd have enjoyed seeing the DoomGuyMancubus combo wreaking havoc.

It just felt kinda short for an ending. It was good though!

I bet you could make the most brutal point'n'click adventure game ever. Like Kings Quest meets Metalaocalypse and acid. Not that I'm saying you should, just that you could.....(and it'd be amazing)

I love your choice of music for these scenes, hope you are still going strong! Keep it up, it's excellent!

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A little high pitched but i like it. Feels like a Ninja Gaiden meets megaman level.

This is an excellent rendition. Pretty yet simple, tempo changes throughout to keep it interesting, hells yes. I love how ethereal it sounds with a simple echo throughout. Gonna check out the rest of your mixes cuz of this.

I'd like to hear a pause for breath somewhere in it, as if coming to the edge of a melodical cliff, and then racing down it with drum n bass. but thats just me.

johngotti0831 responds:

Yeah that could work, I am also probably going to do separate mixes of each track in here. So that's something to look forward to in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

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Wonder what her WPM is with those toes.

She'd be the best haxor

SkullHead responds:

https://youtu.be/AEZbYcXSCXs doesn't look like it works too well tbh

I feel like it would communicate with sound effects of 'dads clearing throats'

If Jin ever did a christmas singalong, this is what I'd expect to bouncing off the subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

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